Graduate Program

Graduates are encouraged to enrol in a post graduate program from the Institute of Chartered Accountants (CA Program). These intensive two year programs provide graduates with the skills to become leaders in their profession. The firm provides the following benefits to staff undertaking these programs:

  • Course Module fees at the time of enrolment;
  • Cost of appropriate and approved support training on a per module basis;
  • Three days of paid study leave on a per module basis;
  • Paid leave to attend a CA module examination; and
  • Internal study support provided by our partners and managers.

In addition we have a program of professional development and conduct internally structured training sessions and monthly / quarterly technical updates. This includes:

  • Monthly/quarterly technical updates;
  • “Soft Skills” training on management skills, time management skills, interpersonal skills, etc;
  • Attendance at external training events where appropriate; and
  • Challenging work providing opportunities for learning.