Our Culture and Values

Key TNR Values + -

The partners of Keep and Associates Pty Ltd have developed a Code of Conduct which all partners and staff strive to adopt both in and out of our working hours. The key values embodied in this code of conduct are:

Integrity + -

In all our dealings with clients, colleagues and others, we act honestly, ethically and fairly. We draw personal satisfaction from our clients’ successes.

Objectivity + -

All appointments must be considered for independence in accordance with our professional standards.

Professional Competence and Due Care + -

All work is performed with the utmost competence and due care.

Confidentiality + -

We adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines. All staff must sign confidentiality agreements when they commence employment.

Technical Excellence + -

We have deep industry knowledge and experts in our practice areas.  This is reflected in the nature and quality of our advice and documentation.

Innovation + -

We invest in innovation and are committed to a program of continuous improvement in our work and service levels. We seek honest feedback from our clients and business associates.

Client-Responsive + -

We respond to your queries promptly as we know that the value of business advice can be a function of the time it takes to obtain it.

Co-Operative Culture + -

We take a team approach with our clients and each other. We believe in equal opportunities for all staff regardless of gender, race or religion.